Work Package 6

Mobile Unit: Pilot Preventive Program

Partners involved: LB, PB2, PB3, PB5 and PB6

Deliverable 6.1.2 Pilot Preventive Program The Mobile medical unit for children and elderly includes the following independent departments: Audiology, Gynecology, Breast Disease, General Practice and Diagnostic Ultrasound. The Mobile Unit will be acquired by PB3 and passed onto their ownership after the end of the project (in order to ensure the sustainability of project’s outputs) and will operate under the auspices of PB2. The LB’s contribution to the project team will be the provision of a driver. Participants:
  • Elderly men and women.
  • Only children who are accompanied by parents / guardians / educators and signed a relevant consent form are subject to screening.
Its objectives are as follows:
  • To educate women for the necessity of screening services and the need of regular check –up.
  • To provide screening services and enrollment of women who are traditionally difficult to reach.
  • To achieve early detection of female cancer and therefore early treatment and better prognosis.
  • The most important benefit from the operation of this mobile unit is the reduction in mortality and morbidity rates.
PB5 will purchase an ultrasound for breast echo diagnostic and PB6 will purchase a digital mammograph for the implementation of the pilot preventive program in the North Macedonia side. The screenings will be performed in the General Hospital Gevgelija and the Clinical Hospital Bitola and will consist of mammography, ultrasound breast examination and gynecological ultrasound examination with PAP test.